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Hi there!Ā 

I'm Steve French, the founder of infomatix.

We love to help our clients double their business in three years or less and make them profitable from day one!

Doubling can be:

  • revenue (good)
  • profit (better)
  • time (best)

InviStructure was created with you, the entrepreneur, in mind. With invisible infrastructure you get:

  • the right people on your team;
  • completing the right processes at the right time;
  • supported by great technology; and,
  • you'll be profitable from day one!

We created a Formula because business success is formulaic and repeatable.

Incorporated in 2004, we've been helping our clients create a billion dollars in new revenue! And we're already nine figures into our ten-figure goal!

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136 Castle Bridge Drive
St. Johnā€™s,Ā Newfoundland and Labrador
A1H 0C6

+1 (709) 895-8331