What is InviStructure?

InviStructure is Invisible InfraStructure

Consider your team, process, and technology as the four legs of a stool. Our clients often come to us with:

  • great people;
  • ok processes;
  • lousy¬†technology; and
  • oh, they're not making any money!
four-legged chair

Get in the game by building your company's success on an unbreakable foundation with:


Get the right people on your team,


doing the right things at the right time,


supported by great technology, 


while actually creating profit!

Our team will lead you to success by making all your key pillars work together, enabling you to:

  • create a more profitable business;¬†
  • innovate with new products and services;
  • and most importantly,¬†do more of what you love!
Get Started

The InviStructure Formula in six unique steps:

  1. Your Future Panorama
  2. Your Infrastructure Snapshot
  3. Your InviStructure Architecture
  4. The InviStrategy Gameplan
  5. The InviCoach Expander
  6. The InviGuard Protector

Your Future Panorama

Discover your bigger future today within our Simplify Your Business workshop discussions that will help you identify and achieve the goals that matter most to you.

You will have clarity about what success looks like three years from now.

Your Infrastructure Snapshot

This due diligence phase will determine your current people, process, technology and profitability capabilities. 

You will have a crisp understanding of your current business and its ability to scale.

Your InviStructure Architecture

Based upon your unique capabilities, our decades of experience and best practices, this master implementation plan comes complete with recommendations, budget figures and estimated timelines.

You will have confidence to unlock your three-year goals.

The InviStrategy Gameplan

This is where we start to implement and is where we start to see some results from all those hours spent in planning and researching. We will take on the role of either managing and implementing your projects, partnering with you in these endeavors, or keeping you accountable!

You will have the accountability you need to actually take action!

The InviCoach Expander

A series of over 60 training sessions designed to strengthen your team and reinforce new projects, we will covers topic on time and expectation management, process mapping, technology enablement, plus cash flow and profitability. The information gained will help you and your team become more efficient

You will have the knowledge you need to start and keep moving!

The InviGuard Protector

This is our commitment to you: our customer. The InviGuard Protector ensures any technical service issues will be always addressed quickly and efficiently either in-house or by a reliable partner - just for your peace of mind!

You will have the champion you've always needed to shine a bright light into that black technology box!

Let's get started!