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Can't Get Away? Pretend You're on Vacation

We thought it might have been over; the sun was making appearances, the birds were singing their spring songs, and jackets were being left at home. Then—BAM—Mother Nature sends snow across the whole country.

It’s easy to start feeling unmotivated around this time of year. People start flocking to Caribbean islands and Disney World to recharge.

If you’re unable to get away, for whatever reason, trick your brain into forgetting about the weather by setting your desktop to a great photo of another city you’d like to be in or an image of something that makes you think of warmer weather.

Lifehacker has published a bunch of great cityscapes for your desktop or mobile device.

Smashing Magazine gives us a bunch of new wallpapers each month. Have a look back through last year’s temperate months and get into the summer groove (May, June, July, August).

If that fails, go out and get a big ice cream cone on a sunny day and eat it in the car with the heat on. It will do wonders for your mood and give you a little extra excitement to get through these last few days of winter.